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A Journey to the Past is a fanfic by Toothless99.




The Pristchampsus gazed across grassland. In the distance it could see a pair of Palaeotherium drinking. Using what meagre cover there was - ferns and low bushes, clumps of flowering plants - it managed to get within ten metres of them.

The Palaeotherium seemed to sense that it was there, as they became more agitated, and frequently looked behind them. The Pristichampsus picked its moment carefully, pouncing seconds after they had turned back to drinking.

With a colossal roar it was upon them, and the two of them scattered. The Pristichampsus chased the slightly larger one. Both creatures were built for running, and it was a lengthy chase. After a few minutes, the Pristichampsus made a final leap and bit into the rump of the Palaeotherium. It screamed in pain and terror. Then the Pristichampsus came forward and grabbed it with its front limbs, before ripping meat out with its jaws.

The creature was ripped apart in minutes, and the Pristichampsus ate its fill. However, there then came a second roar. At the top of a nearby hill, another Pristichampsus appeared. The first one stepped protectively over its kill. The second one charged down the hill, bellowing. It wanted the kill, and the first Pristichampsus was going to have to fight to defend it.

The second one crashed into the first, sending it tumbling to the ground. It got up and charged back, grabbed a hindlimb and ripping off some flesh. Roaring, they swiped at each other with their forelimbs, standing on their tail and hindlimbs only. The second then bit at the first's throat, and the first one backed down, losing its balance and returning to all fours. The lunge had also put the second off-balance, and it too returned to all fours.



They returned to growling displays, and standing on their hind legs to make them look larger. Finally, the intruder backed down. It was returning up the hill, when the first one chased it, and rammed it up further. Then the first one grabbed its side, and ripped it open, spilling out guts and organs. The second one was now dead, and the Pristichampsus left it halfway up the hill.

It turned away and ran back to its kill, which was already being scavenged by a pair of Oxyaena. Oxyaenas were small, metre-long carnivores a lot like wolverines. They were smaller than the Pristichampsus, and when it roared at them they fled, still with pieces of ragged flesh in their mouths.

On the other side of the hill, there was a flash of bright light, and a glowing portal appeared, with glass shard-like pieces floating in the air around it.

Chapter 1Edit

Connor was enjoying making a model plane he had bought at the highstreet, when a loud beeping went off. It jogged his concentration, and he sprayed glue all over what he had made so far. Groaning, he spun round on his desk chair, then jumped down and exited his office.

The siren had been the ADD detecting another anomaly. Connor worked in the ARC, or Anomaly Research Centre. He made the ADD to detect anomalies when they opened, rather than waiting for a distress call when the creatures emerged.

Now, he ran down the ramp to the ARC's main lobby, and got to the ADD. He found where it had detected the anomaly, and zoomed in on one of the screens to find exactly where it was.

"Oh, typical," Connor said out loud.

"What?" Danny asked.

Connor jumped in his seat, before turning to face Danny. Abby, James Lester and Captain Becker were with him.

Glen truan golf club

Glen Truan Golf Club from above

Turning round to examine the ADD screen again, Connor said, "The anomaly has appeared in the Glen Truan Golf Club-"

"What's wrong with that?" Danny asked.

"...which is on the Isle of Man," Connor finished.

"Well that's great," Abby remarked.

"Exactly my point," Connor said. "We'll need a boat or plane to get there."

"I'm sure someone can arrange that," Lester said.

"OK then," Danny said. "Assuming we have a boat or plane ready, we need to get packing."

Connor, Abby, Becker, and Danny exited the main lobby to get together some items to take to the Isle of Man. Becker opted for an AK-47 and a Tranquiliser Rifle. Danny decided to take pistol just in case, and he collected four handheld anomaly detectors for the group. Abby took a coat, a second pair of boots, and saw no point in taking anything else. Connor took a jacket and his bag.

With the group ready to go, they returned to the main lobby, where Lester was deep in conversation with one of his men. They couldn't pick out the words, and politely waited until he finished talking and sent the man off.

"Is our travel arranged?" Danny asked.

"Not yet. He's gone to sort it out," Lester said, gesturing in the direction which the man had left.

"How long?" Danny asked.

"An hour at best. A day at worst," Lester said bluntly, and he left the room.

"We need it faster," Connor said after he left. "In an hour heaven knows what could have come out, and the anomaly could've closed behind them. A day - well, in a day, something will definitely come out, and the anomaly will definitely be closed before we get there!"

"I know," Abby said, "But I don't see how we're going to get it faster."

"That's the problem," Danny said, "We have no other way of travel."

While they had been talking no-one had noticed Becker had disappeared. Only now when Connor was about to ask him for his opinion did he notice.

"Where's Becker gone now?" Danny asked when he noticed.

"I have no idea," Connor replied.

"In that case, we'll have to wait," Danny said. "Until Becker gets back there's no chance of us setting off."

They didn't know that what Becker was doing, was trying to get them a faster transport. The military had cars, boats and planes, and he didn't see why he couldn't loan one. And if it was eaten - well, he was unlikely to get back alive anyway.



  • Connor Temple
  • Danny Quinn
  • Abby Maitland
  • Captain Hilary Becker
  • James Lester


  • Pristichampsus
  • Palaeotherium
  • Oxyaena